Friday, January 28, 2011

Seat belts: Done!

I've tacked the piece on one side to the B pillar and squeezed it to have a perfect fit.

Welded and cleaned up.

I've painted the B pillars and feathered with some clear coat on top and bottom to match the glossiness of the older paint. The flash made the paint look gray but it is black.

Both sides are painted. It's time to drill the floor for the anchors to install the seat belts.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starting on the seat belts...

The seat-belts came without the hardware. I went to Home Depot and got what I need. The pipe is a 3/4 " x 3.5". I wanted something close to a 20mm ID to weld on the B pillars.

Removed the threaded parts and cut it in half.

After grinding, the nut is ready to be tacked.

Here is the spot where I want to weld it. I wanted to make sure that the anchor is very solid. In case of accident, the human body can take several G's and I want this to withstand the force.

Ready to be welded on the B pillars.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Front brakes...

I used readily available 9/16 and 7/16 copper washers for the banjo fitting.

New cylinder in place.

The drum is not as nice as the other side but it is OK.

The steering was probably repaired at some point. The little play I felt when I drove the car was probably due to the front left bearing.

A little challenging to grease the U joint; I would expect it on the outer side.

I've clean and sanded the shoes; now in place.

I've set the parking brake; now it is about 1mm from the speedometer cable.

I did not have to remove the brake line going to the rear, but it not going to be fun when it needs to be done.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Engine, drive axles, brakes, speedo cable and wipers...

Turned out that after honing the cylinders and cleaning the pistons, when I fitted the rings the cylinders were too worn. On most engine you have to cut the rings to specs but here there are already cut. So, I have received a set of new cylinders and pistons from Dave Burnham.
Regarding the heads they were really bad, even Dave's shop thought that it would be a lot of work to repair these, so they have a set of used one to choose from (From Dave).

Here I am removing the wrist pin bushing to fit it with the new wrist pin. I made myself a tool with a 1 & 1/16" socket that works beautiful.


The new cylinders are lapped on the block.

I've checked the rings with the cylinders and everything is within specs. They are on the pistons now. Thank goodness I had a set of rings, most of the rings broke during shipping.

The left side wrist pin is done.

Surprise! An extra spring was behind the crank shaft lip seal.

The 2 lip seals are on.

These are the 123 magnets that fit on the centrifugal part of the old ignition.

I have changed one stud on the engine. This one was bent. The engine is ready to be back together; I am waiting for the heads currently.

The speedometer was not working. The cable was damaged by the parking brake lever. The setting was all the way, so I had to open the brakes to see if the shoes were worn.

The right side is OK.

But the left side has a leak and the brake fluid is on the shoes.

I am waiting for a new cylinder.

I have replaced the speedo cable by a new one coming from France.

The wipers were not working. Also, the "return home" wire was broken.

I have cleaned the rotor and brushes, and the motor is running again.

I have found some masking tape under the wipers; they don't belong on this car. They are back on with masking tape but it might be a good idea to address this before they fall off.

They "go home" now; the system works.

Back together...

The brake lights did not work. This is the switch.

I've cleaned the switch and it seems that the problem was at the connector near the battery.
It is working fine now.

Here is a video showing the play of the valves in the guides.

This one shows the play on the u-joints. The left wheel bearing has also a play but not too bad.