Thursday, February 10, 2011

Engine work...

A few pix of the finished top...

Here are some issues with the old heads (On the top of the extremely loose guides):

One of the "new" used head from Dave Burnham after being processed by his machine shop.

I lapped the valves and the heads onto the cylinders.

Here is a little video of it:

I am supposed to install the pistons then slide the cylinders on them. I never had so much problems fitting the rings inside the cylinders. I've removed the pistons and inserted the rings one by one...

The ring compressor (Red handle) is pretty much a piece of crap. I've used a hose clamp, which worked beautifully.

Then I've installed the pistons on the rods.

Oil lines and radiator in place.

Then... surprise, the manifold does not fit anymore. There are several places where someone welded it before; May be due to the new cylinders or some parts where machined on the old engine...?

To make sure that the problem was not coming from me and the heads were sitting right on the cylinders, I did a leak test. There is plenty of compression and a tiny leak on each cylinder (Rings and cylinders are new, so normal).

Pretty big gap there...

About 5mm gap.

I have cut 2 rings in a 1" electrical conduit and tacked them on the manifold.

After welding and grinding.

After painting (To match the rest of the parts). Barely noticeable.

The dynamo was not charging. I'm afraid that someone converted the car to 12v but omitted to convert the generator. I have checked all windings and everything is fine it appears. It is known that this system rarely fails except with an excess of oil, which was the case. If it is not charging, the regulator might be faulty.

Clutch cleaned and back on.

The engine is ready to be installed in the car.

I have welded a nut on the right front wheel. The rim is supposed to be tapped but the thread was stripped and the hubcap was barely holding.

A little touch up of yellow (Wrong but close enough) to protect the paint.

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