Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Soft top...

The drive axles are back together.

Trying to put the hub cap but it is not holding.

Obviously someone had the same issue on the other side. I will weld a nut at a later date.

Received the part for the top from Dave Burnham. The dimension of this car is off, which was confirmed by him; seems that the Argentinian 2cv had some dimension fluctuation. The top piece was welded previously.

The car seems to be wider of about 1cm.

Someone bent the pin previously to fit the top into the swinging arm.

I have ground the previous attachment...

... drilled and tapped in order to have adjustment possibilities. It is the original way anyway.

Straightened the pin...

And, yes, it doesn't fit.

I bought a 1/4 nipple which is pretty much the exact OD of the part...

... and just added 1cm to it where the bracket will be to make sure this repair will not show .

Worked out great.

Tacked and welded the fabricated brackets.

After clean up.

Painted the bare metal.

After painting and in place.

Looks great!

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