Monday, February 14, 2011

She ran!

The axle on the starter was missing.

Some erosion there...

One side had a wooden spacer for the headlights but not the other. We'll see when I install the fenders. Hopefully nothing's wrong with the chassis.

Hooked up the generator and the 123.

The wire going to the fender (on both sides) was twisted. Now they will be connected with connectors which will make the fender removal easier (And looking a little more professional).

Setting the ignition is really easy with the 123.

I've marked the static ignition point on the flywheel. This could be used also to check ignition advance with a stroboscopic light.

Cranked the engine without the plugs to get the oil circulating

She runs well but i had major leaks at the rocker covers. The sealer is slippery and the gasket which is undersized moves around during installation. I "glued" them on the cover with the sealer and waited over the weekend; they don't move now and it should work.

The remaining issue is the charging/12v conversion; The fenders and hood are going next and I will be close to be done.

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